Thyroid Weight Loss Tips

Thyroid Weight Loss Tips

Diet struggles: I knew that I was not going to provide a diet that would be successful to the ones I love if I asked them to go hungry, exercise for hours per week, remove complete food groups from their diet, but most importantly, it would fail if it were not personal enough. The first time I lost weight in 2004, I used portion control and activities. All that did was set me up for failure later on portion control lead to lack of proper nutrition, most notably protein. The activities also resulted in the loss of muscle matter. I lost over 20 pounds and was destined to struggle to maintain the weight loss. In 2009, I was working on websites and mostly sitting all day. I got on the scale at over 216 and that started my lose weight for ever campaign. By now, I knew that sugar was a serious problem relating to health and weight control. I also knew protein was a key to a truly successful diet program. At first, I kept drinking coffee and enjoyed ice cream as the plain vanilla did not seem to have much added sugar. I hit a plateau at 190 and was not able to lose more. I ended up getting sick in what I believe was from too much caffeine and Theobromine. I calculated my sugar intake and I was doing from 100 to 200 grams of sugar per day. This was much better than 500 grams but still too much. After being sick, I stopped dark chocolate (added to coffee to reduce sugar), coffee with sugar, and ice cream and quickly lost weight to around 176. During this time, I set up my exercise routine of the five exercises and I found the routine was enough to assist in successful weight loss including removal of subcutaneous fat. Before the holidays in 2013 I reached and maintained around 173 pounds until two weeks before Christmas, my pusher introduced a gallon of eggnog just for me that was mostly HFCS and fat. I figured it was time for one last experiment. This proved detrimental and proof that HFCS does add up as gained weight. The sad part of regaining even a little bit of weight is that it seems to love to fill those empty subcutaneous fat cells creating a flabby look. I was a much smaller person whom looked fat. Due to my wife gets up at 4:30 to 5:00 am to go to work, I find it very hard to get 7 hours of sleep most days. Sleep makes a big difference in weight control and when I do get enough sleep, it shows on the scale. I have used myself as the guinea pig on many experiments and most have provided great response to what is effective and what is not. The best thing I can say at this point is I am in control and though I may gain some weight some days, I can easily remove the weight faithfully.

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Diet experiments: My experiments included excessive holiday feasting, controlled holiday eating, high fat dieting, high sugar dieting, low processed sugar dieting, high fructose corn syrup dieting, high protein dieting, alcohol binges, caffeine free diet, various exercise levels, and many more.

Research and observations: Much of my research was done online. My research included Athletes (marathon runners, sprinters, body builders, and weight lifters), Army MRE, Coma

TPN, centenarians, diabetes, Diet results and reviews, people losing 50 pounds or more, liposuction, extreme obesity cases, astronauts, etc… Some of the topics included the lymphatic system, circulatory system, urine and feces content, enzymes and hormones, protein, lipids and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, toxins and poisons, diet flaws, obesity material and related health problems, sugar related health problems, and many more. I used my 50 years worth of observations, plus what I could observe of those around me to see why and how people were retaining weight. One noticeable tidbit of weight gain was that where a person holds tension within their body equated to how and where they built muscle and stored fat.

What I want to say of most importance is to do what you can at this moment. You may not be able to remove all the sugar from the start. Figure out how much sugar you are consuming and then reduce it in half. Stop all desserts, sodas, sports drinks, and fruit juices. That should get most people to the half way mark. As you increase protein, make sure you have your carbohydrates under control, as the two in excess will equal extreme weight gain. I do not think this one section or a single paragraph could explain a proper program to successful weight loss. I do feel I have added enough of the total picture of weight control and many means to tackle the components for attaining monthly small goals that will get you to the finish line.

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