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What Are Those Flakes on Your Shoulders?

If you’ve got dandruff, then here’s one place where I’ll recommend, without qualification and without hesitation, that you see a dermatologist, and fast. But the problem is that perhaps it isn’t dandruff at all. Thick wavy hair men Possibly you’ve mistreated your scalp for so long and so much that you’ve literally made it fall off of your head.

I thought I had dandruff once and I was duly horrified. It turned out to be a simple case of dried-up scalp which was scaling off and falling onto my “little black dress” where it looked like dandruff to me.

For you must always remember that your scalp is your skin no more, no less and it must be treated as carefully and as gently as you would treat the skin on your face.

That is where your acid-balanced hair regimen helps your scalp just the way it helps your complexion. Thick wavy hair men That is why I am leery of so-called dandruff shampoos and other dandruff remedies. Unless they test up, via your Nitrazine, as acid, then I would avoid them.

Most dandruff remedies are pretty strong stuff and have about the same effect on your scalp as detergent or deodorant soaps have on your complexion. Thick wavy hair men Let’s just say that probably won’t keep it as healthy as we want it.

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