The Rosebud Mouth

1 Apply a little foundation or concealer to the sides of the lips and blend it in well so that the outside ofyour mouth ‘disappears’ into yourfoundation.

2 Using a dark lip liner, and starting inside the edges ofyour natural mouth, draw a new upper lip line that is generously rounded around the cupid’s bow. Then, again starting inside the edge of your natural lower lip, trace a new line with a gentle fullness in the middle.

3 Fill in the new lip shape with your lip liner, making sure that the corners ofthe mouth turn up slightly.

4 Using a creamy lipstick, in a similar shade to the lip liner, coverthe lips, blot with a tissue, and reapply.

5 This lip shape is usually ‘bleed free’, which makes it a good one for when you are wearing darker colours, of which the high pigment concentration often causes them to wander unflatteringly.

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