The power of geometry

The power of geometry on He became an admirer of Picasso, a fan of the Bussian Ballet, an observer of Japanese art, and a student of Ferdinand Bacliterary man, architect, dandy, draftsman, and Barragans mentor. Barragan also traveled extensively in southern Spain and Morocco. He was captivated by the color, power, and beauty of the many layered culture of the region. The Alhambra, in particular, secured a lifelong appreciation of Islamic architecture and art. But significantly, Barragan approached these worlds without relinquishing the thread that linked him to his origins and his own land. As Albert Buy Sanchez observes: Faced with the east and the Mediterranean, Luis Barragan was a lucid traveller who discovered, recognized, and admired. He was never that bewitched lover, prepared to turn the encounter into a new direction in life. The power of geometry 2016.

The power of geometry

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