The Deal on Beauty

Whoever said that beauty was no big deal? For it’s probably the biggest deal you’ll ever make. With yourself. And it’s a lifetime contract.

And it means work.

Because we can give you the ingredients, but you must bake the cupcake.

Beauty isn’t an accident not even with the born-beautifuls. It requires watchful, never-ending work, and strict attention to what’s happening at all times. To your looks, that is. Just one night of being too tired to wash your face, or one bout with boozing, or one day of hitting the candy box can undo all the good derived from months of trying. I have very little patience with people who claim they’re trying and then behave in this manner. And, frankly, this beauty blog is not written for them.

For I am serious about what I’m writing. If you’re not, then don’t bother to start reading. If you really want to shape up, prepare to follow the rules to the letter. And if you’re not going to then stop talking about how out of shape you are. For don’t think everyone isn’t onto the difference between talking and doing. If you want clear skin, healthy hair, and nails, the answers, insofar as they are now known, are here. But you must use them and you must use them constantly. Work, work, and more work is what you have facing you for the rest of your beautiful life.


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