The Best Makeup for Your Hair Color


Make-up is just about the interplay of light and dark. Light colours push areas out; dark colours force them to recede. The best way to slim down a podgy nose is by doing some clever highlighting and shading. Use a light-coloured highlighter, not a shimmery one. MAC’S taupe shadow is a good shader, and Ruby & Millie make ‘face enhancers’ (a compact containing a highlighter and a shader) in three colours. Photographers also use light to bring out certain features and disguise others, but real life isn’t like that. Be very light-handed in yourapplication and only use this method at night. Ifyou hit the beach with a shaded nose, a friend may offer to rub it for you, mistakenly thinking it’s dirty.

1 When you apply your highlighter and shader, make sure that you put them on over your foundation.

2 Using a soft-haired brush – I prefer synthetic ones since they’re less hairy – apply a highlighter down the centre of the nose (top).

3 Contour it with a darker colour on either side (bottom).

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