Teenage hairstyles with bangs

Classic Hollywood Hairstyle Tutorial

For best results first wash and blow dry the hair using a round brush and mousse. Then using a bristle brush, bring all the hair back to the crown of the head and gather in the opposite hand. Keep brushing until all the hair is in place then secure with a no snag hairband. Divide the ponytail into four equal sections.

Take each section and using a widetoothed comb, backcomb from the roots to the ends.

Smooth over the top of eaah section with a bristle brush and apply a spritz of hairspray to the section. Use your fingers to smooth over any stray hairs.

Loop the section over your fingers and arrange near to the base of the ponytail. Each section should loop a couple of times.

Once each section is in place use kirby grips to secure: one for the first loop and one for the second loop. Repeat for each section, taking care to build the shape of the hairstyle by looping loops on top of each other. Use hairspray to add final polish and hold.

What you need:

Medium hold mousse Smoothing cream Hairdryer and diffuser attachment Triple barrelled waver Shine serum
Beach babe or city girl this look is young, fresh and easy. Casual and relaxed but high on the sexy hit list, it’s hot! This can be worn by anyone with mid length hair or longer and it’s really versatile. Try holding the hair back off the face with a beaded or sequined hair clip and change the parting from central to side, depending on your face shape.

“This look is young, fresh and relaxed perfect for casual summer days ”

Mix together a mousse and a smoothing cream and apply to washed and conditioned hair.

Take medium sized sections of the hair and twist them with your fingers from the roots to the tips.

Blow dry the hair, starting at the back of the head. Work through the hair section by section using the diffuser attachment to lift the hair at the roots. Continue until all the \ hair is dry.

Use a triplebarrelled waver to create more definition. Similar to a crimper (but with bigger plates), it makes perfect’beach’ waves. Use a shine serum throughout the hair and at the tips.

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