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One hairdresser could always spot my mood the moment he took hold of my hair (and would often say, “Not feeling well today, huh?”). He had, as part of his without-charge client-regimen, a lovely massage with a protein conditioner, all administered gently by the best scalp-masseur I’ve ever known. Teased hairstyles for long hair This hairdresser believed strongly in the protein routine (and he was one of the first to pick up on it I’ll give him that even though he was the one who gave me my crew cut).

And he believed in it so strongly that he insisted on it for everyone who entered his doors man, woman, or child. Teased hairstyles for long hair So we all not only got that protein into our hair, but we got that wonderfully relaxing massage into the bargain, which helped it work all the better.

Don’t overlook calcium as the best natural tranquilizer around. Adelle Davis swears she keeps a bottle of calcium lactate tablets by her night table and downs a handful whenever sleeplessness hits. Certainly calcium is the only sort of tranquilizer you should consider unless it’s the B-vitamin complex another tranquilizer of the best natural sort.

Unnatural tranquilizers are just as bad for your hair as they are for your skin, and their unlimited use will show up as limited hair. They simply aren’t good for you, and whatever is not good for you will never make you beautiful. Stick to calcium for beauty’s sake.

Happily, the things that relax you are often the very things that get circulation going to your hair as well. Massage is only one way, but it’s one way that’s used by most of the hair experts around. A beauty editor of my acquaintance swears that the yoga-style neckstand has made her hair grow by inches.

Not only does it pinch off the tension but, according to this lady, it pinches the thyroid gland in a manner that actually stimulates it, and hair growth goes hand in hand with healthy thyroid just like skin growth. Teased hairstyles for long hair I haven’t tried this method my neckstand isn’t too expert but if you’re careful and don’t do it too vigorously, it shouldn’t hurt and just may hair-help a lot.

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