PISCES The Star Feb 20 – Mar 20 Wow, Pisces. You have worked hard to bring yourself to this point and for the most part, it was a battle between what your mind was jabbering on about and what your heart has always known… and the your heart has finally won. Take a look around you – and within you – and feel what you’ve created. You have liberated yourself from self-limiting beliefs and outer toxicity that was dragging you down. Take some time to truly absorb what you have achieved this year and then celebrate. A hefty dose of selfappreciation will assist you in acknowledging just how much you’ve grown and you will be setting a beautiful foundation for what comes next in your life. Have a candle-lit bubble bath or treat yourself to something lovely.

TAURUS Queen of Swords Apr 21 – May 21 You are compassionate and empathic, because you understand both the hardships and joys of this world. You’ve learnt what truly matters in life. There’s no need to feel as though you are lacking because you already have everything you need within you. Acting, responding and thinking with love will melt away all perceived barriers and obstacles on your path. You will be able to create new ways forward, no matter what the circumstances, by being yourself. You do not need to try to do or be anything other than who you already are. People may not always understand what you’re saying, but they will feel your good heart and the loving intention you bring forward. There is nothing to worry about. You are your super power!

GEMINI Queen of Pentacles May 22 – Jun 21 All that glitters is not gold and your soul needs more than material security and comfort. You’re beginning to realise this and now that you’re seeking a different kind of fulfilment, you are growing spiritually. This is your time to be of service to others and to share your gifts with the world. You are going to discover new levels of contentment and gratitude, and perhaps even find out your true purpose for being here – but it’s all going to be triggered through giving. As you move towards sending out love, you will also be perfectly placed to receive love, and what comes back to you will be amazing. It’s time to open up and say, ‘Here I am world!’

CANCER Ace of Hearts Jun 22 – Jul 23 Take ownership of your thoughts so that your mind doesn’t create problems that don’t exist. There isn’t a single situation which can’t be overcome with love and tolerance. If you apply this outlook to your life, you’ll be unstoppable. A big soul lesson for you is to allow yourself to be taken care of. Don’t over-analyse why it’s happening, look for the catch or pick out what’s wrong with the situation. Just let yourself go and allow yourself to be happy. You are enough and you are worthy just as you are. As within, so without – the more love you have for yourself, the more joy you will see around you. Let love lead the way for your this month and shine!

LEO The Lovers Jul 24 – Aug 23 You are entering a massive growth phase where your heart will be bursting open to let lots of positivity in. The message for you is to allow yourself to be vulnerable. It may feel uncomfortable and at times a bit scary after all, it’s not something you usually allow yourself to be. But it’s from this place of openness that all the walls will come tumbling down and the love will pour out. You have some fated relationships this month, which will be deep, meaningful, soul connections for you. They’ll be the catalyst to discover new levels of self-worth and selflove, as well as showing you just how much compassion, understanding and tenderness is within you to share with others. Let your authentic self shine and listen to where your heart wants to take you; it always knows the way.

SCORPIO Prince of Swords Oct 24 – Nov 22 You are aware of the momentum that’s been building inside you and you know that big changes have been bubbling under the surface for a while. You can no longer wait for idealistic circumstances – when the time is right, it’s right. Pick up the phone, send that email, make your plan and act on it. When you choose to act, the Universe comes in and boosts that intention threefold. By taking a step on that path, you are sending out the vibration that says ‘I want this’ and then the Universe can make its move to back you up and make things happen. You are about to explode into some exciting new directions. You’ve been wondering when it’s going to happen; didn’t you realise that it’s up to you to get the ball rolling?

LIBRA Ten of Pentacles Sep 24 – Oct 23 Libra, try to stretch out beyond the ideas you have about yourself. You are, without a doubt, capable of achieving your desires and goals, but have you realised that you can have even more than that? The Universe is asking you to dream bigger. Perhaps you’ve been feeling frustrated that some of your plans haven’t been coming together in the way you’d like. Maybe this is because something so much better is trying to get your attention. This is not your time to settle. Don’t convince yourself that you can accept less and still be alright. You deserve so much more. Break down the walls that are boxing in your potential and get rid of any limitations – everything is truly possible for you. Libra, you are destined for greatness!

VIRGO Ten of Hearts Aug 24 – Sep 23 Things are coming together for you this month. You set yourself some goals and you took the necessary steps to make some big changes and it’s paid off. When you push in a certain direction, you occasionally need to adjust to the feeling that you can now relax. You might find you start searching for more things to do but there’s nothing you really need to work on any more. Now is the time for you to step back and feel proud of what you have already achieved. Recharging your batteries whilst you soak up just how beautiful life is will do your spirit wonders. All that is required is for you to fully embrace the wonderful results of all your incredible work. Enjoy it.TAROTSCOPES_0.jpgTAROTSCOPES_2.jpgTAROTSCOPES_1.jpgTAROTSCOPES_3.jpg

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