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TAMARA TAYLOR HAIRSTYLES on. Recursive adj. Recursive adj. Describing a rule or procedure that is applied repeatedly for a finite number of times, with the output of each application becoming the input to the next.

For example, a recursive algorithm might be used to help identify the set of predictors that relate maximally to the outcome variable.

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No problem. My fascination with the little flyer announcing that the members of a motorcycle club from San Francisco would be stopping at the Hayloft on their way into Los Angeles was completely mysterious, especially to me.

Motorcycles did not mean a thing to me. Being a writer, I worked at home. I walked to the bar, had my groceries delivered, and took some pride in the fact that I had no need of a car, much less a motorcycle.

All the same, I was determined to be there when they rolled in. I did not mention my plans to anyone, but I was going to be right there by the back door on Saturday, right at the entry from the parking lot where the men would have to leave their bikes.

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