Swarovski Spring Summer 2017 Collection

Nicole Newman flew to Istanbul to meet Nathalie Colin , designer of the inspiringly lovely Swarovski Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, Crystal Gardens

NN: What piece in the Crystal Gardens collection should every woman own?

NC: You can wear all the pieces in the Crystal Gardens Stardust range the bracelets and necklaces every day and carry them through to evening. They come in many colours, so women can build their collection and add them to other bracelets that they have they can add their own personal twist.

NN: What was the inspiration for the SS 2015 collection?

NC: We are all living in a more urban environment totally disconnected from nature and people are craving a reconnection to the natural. In South Africa you still have a balance between city and nature, but in most other cities this is something that is missing. Many architects are recreating gardens on rooftops and designers are following the organic trend. For us, nature has always been closely connected to Swarovski, with our head offices being in the middle of the mountains in Austria. We thought we could recreate tiny gardens on the silhouettes of the jewellery pieces and this was the starting point.

NN: What direction do you see jewellery taking for the year ahead?

NC: Many brands are moving away from apparel-only, so jewellery is being pushed to become even more fashionable. The border between fashion jewellery and fine jewellery has become blurred. Women used to wear jewellery on special occasions but now it has become a part of everyday life.

NN: What was it about Istanbul that made it the city of choice for the new collection?

NC: Istanbul is deeply symbolic, as it stands on two continents (Asia and Europe); and the Bosphorus has great natural significance. The international flavour and cultural mix in Istanbul reflects the different elements in the new collection and brings modernity to the pieces.

NN: What would your top tip be for women putting a look together with this collection?

NC: This season we’ve seen the proliferation of mini rings we like to call it the ring party’. Tiny, very delicate rings. And the newer, very fashionable use of jewellery is happening around the ear the ear cuff or the ear jacket. With necklaces, which are a very important part of our new collection, it’s about layering: a statement necklace with a long pendant. The way we wear watches has also completely changed worn more as a bracelet and stacked them with other bracelets.

NN: Who are your fashion and style icons?

NC: Diana Vreeland has always stood out for me, as she was the first person who used accessories to reveal her personality. She inspired new ways for fashion to be worn and interpreted. My other inspiration is the everyday woman women who are running their business life and their family life, looking beautiful and managing everything at once.

NN: You have been at Swarovski for eight years. What, would you say, is the embodiment of a Swarovski woman?

NC: She is a woman who wants to live in her time she is respectful of things from the past but wants to bring modernity to her life and be a part of today’s world. She is a woman who is feminine and is at ease with wearing jewellery, which makes her feel more confident; wearing what I like to call successories’, which bring success in her personal as well as her professional life.

NN: Although I am sure there have been many highlights, what has been the best part for you of working as Creative Director for Swarovski?

NC: The fact that my job is not repetitive every season we have to refresh [our ranges], and have new and creative ideas. You get to reinvent yourself every six months and for me this is the ultimate highlight.

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