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There are three main types of colourant:

Semi permanent

This is just the lightest of all stains although be aware that regular use of semi permanent dyes can lead to colour build up occurs.The intensity of a semi lasts for up to six weeks and then the hair gradually fades back to its natural colour. Don’t expect a good coverage of grey hair if over 25% of your hair has gone silver. Semis are great for the colour virgins or colour shy or those not up for a big commitment.


This is a much deeper stain on the hair.The colour may fade a little but is generally fixed there until it the colour is cut out. You’ll get a definite demarcation line where the new hair grows through so the roots require re touching every 4 6 weeks to avoid the line.This type of hair colour will cover even the toughest of white hairs. Once you have used a permanent tint, nothing will lighten it except a bleaching agent so make sure you are happy with the colour first!


These usually contain a mixture of bleach and ammonia which lifts colour from your hair resulting in a lighter effect. Potentially this is the most damaging to hair but one of the most popular. Over 75% of the colour work that we do at my salon uses lighteners of some sort.


From shocking one’s parents as a teenager or paving the way to a new identity after a failed love, or simply enjoying something new, COLOUR is a way of life! I’ve spent years looking at why women love using colour to transform themselves. It’s like having a whole new wardrobe courtesy of some foil and a tinting brush. I’m always amazed by how a woman’s mood, spirit and energy is transformed after a good colour.

as well as high maintenance depending 011 the Going blonde can be addictive amount of blonding you choose. Whether it’s sun kissed highlights you’re after or an all over bleach job, think carefully about the blonde you want to be and how committed you are to maintaining your look.

If you have to go more than 5 base shades (see page 103) lighter to be the blonde you want to be, chances are you’ll be fighting a losing battle so it’s probably not for you! The best blondes are women who were blonde when they were children the’born blondes’, if you like.

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