Why is almost everything at the Super Bowl associated with a company? The answer is sponsorship. The Super Bowl has such a large viewership that lots of other companies want to be associated with it. Becoming the official sponsor of anything related to the game pays off for

While the NFL is not involved in betting and gambling, in 2011, $1.34 billion, or 41 percent of all sports-related betting, was related to football. The gambling industry benefits from football, and footbal benefits from the increased interest from gamblers. companies in the form of better brand recognition. Companies know that if you’re aware of a brand, you’re likely to buy that brand.

Only official marketing partners are allowed to use the name Super Bowl.

There are 22 such companies that pay the NFL about $100 million a year for the right to use the game’s name and logo in their ads. Papa John’s became the official pizza of the Super Bowl in 2010.

In New York’s Times Square, advertisers who sponsor the game use the Super Bowl logo to promote themselves while promoting the Super Bowl at the same time.

For the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, Roman numerals 30 feet (9 m) long by 82 feet (25 m) high weighing 96 tons (87 tonnes) were lit and featured video images and music.



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