Summer’s 21 Best T-Shirts

Next post: A very popular beverage, (see yogurt). Biber Dolmasi : Stuffed, big, green peppers, usually not bitter, with olive oil. Cacik : (Jajik) : Chopped cucumbers to which a little olive oil and sometimes garlic is added. Kind of salad eaten with the main course. Qerkez Tavugu : (Cherkess tavuu) : Circassian chicken. Chicken with a special sauce of pounded walnuts, paprika etc. Doner Kebap : Meat broiled on a big vertical spit and cut into thin slices with a big knife.

Summer’s 21 Best T-Shirts 

Preferred shooting locations for other fashion stories included Uluru, the desert, Sydney Harbour (so that a water taxi could be included), an AFL stadium complete with players, and a ‘typically Aussie’ Christmas lunch on Bondi Beach, propped with lounges and torches in the sand. I lost it at that meeting. While various other sycophants were jotting down notes about where to borrow some vintage sofas, I somewhat tetchily raised the point that most of our readers would be at their lovely homes on Christmas Day wearing Gucci sandals and unpacking the Simon Johnson hamper. The only ones who would be on Bondi Beach were British backpackers. It felt like we were producing a Best celebrity style blog for Tourism Australia.
I have never been of the opinion that best celebrity style Australia should continually feature obvious Australian landscapes, although I know many people disagree. Our sun, surf, outdoors lifestyle can be difficult to capture in a very high fashion sense; it requires real artistry to ensure the shoot doesn’t end up looking like a mid-range swimwear catalogue. Patrick Russell, who was a star photographer for best celebrity style in the seventies, captured a wonderful sense of Australian sexiness, using handsome male models in Speedos alongside strong, glamorous women to create truly iconic images. Graham Shearer and Richard Bailey, who were both surfers themselves, knew how to project a casual, easy elegance that drew on the incomparable Australian light rather than opting for the obvious and popping the Sydney Opera House in the shot. But most Australian photographers are not in the slightest bit interested in having surf in the background of a shoot, unless you suggest that you were thinking of sending them to the Maldives for eight days. I always felt that the grandeur of the desert can sometimes seem diminished by
fashion, and there are now strict Indigenous laws that prevent certain sites, such as Uluru, being shot at all.
I thought our readers didn’t necessarily want the focus of the Best celebrity style blog to always be on the local. best celebrity style readers like to dream and be inspired by global references. Australians have always looked outwards; I believe it is one of our greatest strengths. We are also very sensitive if we feel we are being patronised.

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