Styling your hair

Tip your head upside down first and blast the hair, this gives the roots a lovely lift. If you want to create even more lift, body, wave or curl than your hair has naturally, clip sections or roller them to the head. As you dry each section allow the hair to cool into the new shape you have created, then take the clips or rollers out at the end when the hair has cooled.

Using heated rollers can take a lot of the strain out of blow drying. Take random large sections around the head and put in the rollers. Applying the rollers in a random way will give a natural effect; putting them in horizontally will give more lift and putting them in vertically will create a cascading effect. Allow them to cool for ten minutes while you finish your make up, take them out and give your hair a shake or brush through now you’re ready to go!

Once the hair is dry there may be other heat styling choices you want to make to complete your style, for example straightening irons or tongs. If handled incorrectly there are many dangers associated with their use and the increased chance of frying your hair, so follow these simple rules:

• Do apply another layer of heat protector.

• Do not hold a tong or iron on your hair for more than a few seconds.

• Do not continue going over the same area time and time again. This is the most damaging thing you can do.

And if it’s technology you are after or you are bombarded by the bewildering choice out there, then here are some easy to understand terms:

• Ceramic These generally have more durability than metal or plastic and retain the heat better as well having an even temperature. Ceramic technology can be found in hairdryers, irons, tongs and even brushes and reduces the chance of the hair snagging during the straightening process, especially in irons, tongs or brushes.

• Titanium Again, titanium technology is very durable and conducts heat evenly.The titanium is computer designed fora precision heat controlled system.

• Ionic There is much scientific debate about ionic technology and the explanation is based around the reduction in the size of the water droplets during the drying process, enabling quicker drying. Ionic technology also has the added benefit of reducing static during the drying process.

• TouralineThis is a natural mineral substance that when built into the mechanics of a hairdryer, tong, iron or even a brush, can speed up the drying process.

In general terms the other benefits that you should look for is something lightweight and with a professional label. Professional tools have usually benefited from many of the scientific breakthroughs mentioned above, thereby reducing the damaging effects to your hair and helping you to achieve shiny happy hair.

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