Strawberry fool

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So simple, but so yummy. Lovely English strawberries, hand-picked from a local farm, are best. Presentation is important – vintage glass is very now (I picked up these lovely red glasses from a local secondhand shop for £6).

I prefer the slightly sour flavour of creme fraTche (and you can use it from the carton to save on washing up), but lightly whipped double cream is traditional.

Serves 4

* 300g lovely ripe strawberries, hulled and washed

* 2-3tbsp icing sugar

* tiny squeeze of lemon juice

* large carton of creme fraTche 6 more strawberries, chopped, plus a few slices, to decorate

Puree the strawberries, sugar and lemon in a food processor until smooth. Swirl with the creme fratche and the chopped strawberries and pour into glasses. Chill. Serve decorated with the strawberry slices.


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