Straight medium haircuts

Wash with warm water. Ingredients. Curry Leaves. Coconut oil. Method. Take one handful of curry leaves. Wash them thoroughly to remove dirt. Let them dry naturally. When all the moisture are removed it turns dry. This may take one or two days.

Take required coconut oil.

Add the oil in pan,

Heat the pan in low flame.

Add dried curry leaves to the oil Heat the mixture for few minutes

Boil curry Leaves in coconut oil until leaves turn black in color. Once oil turns dark.

Remove from stove.

Let them cool in room temperature.

Strain the oil and remove the remains.

Store the oil in a bottle and use this oil as a massage oil.

Use this oil daily for best results.


Flaxseeds oil.


Flaxseeds are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids that prevents further hair loss and improves hair growth.

To manage hair loss, consume one tablespoon of freshly ground flaxseeds Follow with drinking glass of water Follow this daily in the morning.

Add flaxseed to salads soups smoothies and other dishes.

Either flaxseeds can be taken along with foods.

It can also be used for external application.

Take required quantity of flaxseed oil.

Apply the oil on your hair.

Massage on the scalp for few minutes.

Use this oil like any other oil.

When used as hair oil, this oil prevents hair loss.

It also strengthens hair.

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