Straight hair

Natural Steps She is all sass and class in this natural ‘do! Shampoo and condition the hair. We recommend Anu Essentials Shampoo and Anu Essentials Conditioner ( For added detail highlight the ends. Please note: You can also use a temporary hair color spray for this effect as a finishing touch. Cornrow the sides. Do a twist out with the loose hair. Once the hair is set, release the twists. Finger comb to style. Continue to keep the hair conditioned and moisturized with Anu Essentials Moisture Rich Conditioner. Touch-activated to respond to you like a real baby! Touch her cheek to hear her coo! A butterfly kiss from you will make her coo! What will make this precious girl respond to you with all the love in her little heart? Simply brush her cheek with your eyelashes”giving her the softest, sweetest butterfly kisses”and she will coo in the most adorable way. You simply won’t be able to resist her! She’s Sweet Butterfly Kisses by award-winning artist Waltraud Hanl, an amazing touch-activated doll you’ll love to hold…and kiss! Exquisite sculpting, soft-to-the-touch RealTouch® vinyl skin and babyfine curls make her even more irresistible. Pick her up, and she’s the perfect size for cuddling. And notice the little butterflies on her adorable outfit…is your heart fluttering yet?

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