Spring Makeup Trend 2015

The skin around the eyes does not contain open pores. It has The eyes are windows to the soul and give a clear insight into uery little adipose tissue, and your beauty regimen. The area round the eyes is the first to should therefore be protected, show fine lines and wrinkles, so the temptation to overdo Use a cream thick enough to eye cream is enormous.

But less is more when it comes to stand the heat and cold, but eye care. One Harley Street plastic surgeon insists that most make sure it is matt, not oily.’ of the patients who come to him wanting blepharoplasty Eve Lorn, skincare expert of oil-in-water emulsions, they remove make-up effectively, while still leaving a little moisture on the surface. Oils should be left for the frying pan, or those who suffer from chronic dryness, as although they promise to leave no greasy residue, they are usually rich enough to cleanse an elephant.


These days toners have definitely gone out of fashion. Modern opinion is that faces do not need toning as skin tone comes from within, and cannot be applied from a bottle. However, the superficial tightening effect of these products, which are generally astringent, is a good preparation for foundation, as it makes any open pores look smaller – albeit temporarily.

But be warned: if you use toner too often you could end up suffering from dry, tight skin. In addition, watch out for‘clarifying’ mists and lotions-they may glory in modern names, but they still often contain harsh skincare agents such as acids, alcohol and witch hazel. However, if you do not feel properly cleansed unless you make toning a regular part of your beauty regime, make sure that you choose a product that is alcohol free.

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