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Cecelia Prediger of Nyack Junior High School in New York wanted to test the Exercise System on a group of students who had gone out for field hockey. She called our office in Laredo and told us about the project she had set up. She had originally designed the project so that instructors would read the exact same instructions that we use in Exercise classes to a group of players, guiding them completely through visualization for the first three or four sessions. For the final few sessions, the instructors would get the students started and tell them to continue to imagine that they were performing.

We suggested that she allow the students to do as much of the mental rehearsal on their own as possible. Greater benefits result from doing things on your own. For instance, working out using a machine to move your body around does not give you as many results as does performing the exercises on your own.

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She divided the team into three groups. She set up simulated hockey goals by placing sets of cones at a certain distance from each other. Each group practiced a specific shooting skill for five minutes.

But they practiced in entirely different ways. One group of 40 student athletes practiced shooting towards the simulated goal for five minutes each day for seven practice sessions. Another group of 40 sat in the bleachers, entered the alpha level with the Exercise workout and fitness techniques and, for five minutes, imagined shooting at the goal. The third group of 40 students entered alpha and, for two-and-a-half minutes, imagined shooting, then went onto the practice field and actually shot at the goals for two-and-a-half minutes.

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