Smoky eyes look really sultry and work best in softer, evening light.

1 First apply foundation and translucent powder to the eyelid, as in Natural Eyes on page 180.

2 Using a neutral eyeshadow, cover the whole eyelid, from the lashes right up to the brow bone.

3 Next, take a soft eyeliner pencil with a rubber hoof in black, chocolate-brown or charcoal-grey. Apply it in small, even strokes along the upper and lower lash lines, then smudge gently with the rubber tip (do not smudge with your fingers).

4 Using a dark grey eyeshadow (if you have light eyes) or a brown one (if your eyes are dark), brush colour into the crease of the eyelid, but do not go above the crease line that is created 5 Curl the lashes and apply n as in Natural Eyes on eye is open.

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