Small Weight Loss Tips

For Losing Weight While Pregnancy

Phosphagen system This provides an immediate and limited supply of ATP by donating high-energy phosphate compounds.

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Glycolysis It is the metabolic pathway using glucose to produce pyruvate and energy through the replenishment of ATP.

Mitochondrial respiration It is a series of catabolic reactions transpiring in the mitochondria of the cell, requiring oxygen, with the result of producing large amounts of ATP to be used for energy production.

Redox reactions It is a chemical reaction where the transfer of electrons between substances results in a change in the oxidation state of atoms.

VO2 max It is the maximum volume of oxygen that can be taken in during one minute of exhaustive exercise; often used as a measure of aerobic capacity.

Ergogenic It is performance enhancing. An ergogenic aid is an external influence enhancing athletic performance, and may include performance enhancing drugs, dietary supplements, and physiological, mechanical, or psychological aids.

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