Slimming secrets of the celebrities Oolong Creek


Comedian Sherri Shepherd is a great source of entertainment in The Viev, and very honest about weight problems. “They call me plump. It would be better if you do not call me around here like this. “Thanks to the Oolong tea, she has lost a few pounds recently. This tea is known as a fast fat burner served in cafe shops in the Beverly Hills. Oolong is delicious and will start your metabolism. “Of course, I drink oolong tea to lose a few pounds, and then I go to McDonald. Oolong can not break a Big Mac, “Shepherd teases. Damn it!


There is no doubt that from day to day we are getting heavy and growing up. Even the Hollyvvood celebrities are even more at risk. Now the portions were out of control. In 1908, the first sugar candy was only 17 grams. Now the same pattern is 250 grams. Twenty years ago, a bagel was six centimeters in size and 140 calories. Now 350 calories!


This is all about the portion control. There is something here to thin your belly: Fifteen inches Ceramic plates.

According to research, this size and color will provide less yemeninizi. Why? Blue is less appetizing. When you eat on the blue plate, you consume less.

HDS Extra: We know that we do everything to eat good. Shake’n Smoothie Maker is a multifunctional blender that makes you smoothie with a finger action, you can buy from for $ 29.95.

Take Mint

Here’s a little dietary supplement that you can easily apply here. Take a piece of tender roast, a strong mint sugar or a mint ribbon of mint. This will ruin your diet It will prevent you from eating anything. In addition, the mint flavor in your language will spoil the taste in your language and you will say: “Pizza? I do not think so. Coke? Umm, my slice is not supporters at all. HDS Extra: Eat a little dry to close your appetite.

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