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I have discovered a little secret about vitamin E. It works as well from the outside as from the inside. I assume that by now everyone’s taking her daily dose of E whether from wheat germ-and-lecithin, or in capsule form. But have you ever thought of adding vitamin E to your shampoo?

I hadn’t either until one day, back before my hair hit its beauty stride with the protein, acid-balanced treatment, I complained to my hairdresser about the lack of shine something a straight-hair like myself needs, since we have little else in the way of interesting shape. This hairdresser (haircutter, for it was my friend, Roger Thompson) suggested that I try a few drops of wheat germ oil in my shampoo.

Now, you know by now my fondness for improvisation, and also that I prefer the fastest result whenever possible. Therefore, I decided to go right to the vitamin E capsule rather than take the wheat germ oil way around. As we have discovered, vitamin E is the one vitamin that can’t easily be washed from the skin.

Doesn’t it stand to reason the same would apply to hair? And so I slashed open my vitamin E capsule, and poured it into the bottle of acid-balanced protein shampoo. And guess what happened? I had hair that was gloriously shiny and, furthermore, looked about twice as thick as it had before.

Now vitamin E, as we have said, is a bit on the honey-textured side. And it clings to hair. So here, then, is your “natural” hair thickener. I was so fascinated by those results that I wouldn’t dream of giving up this magic shampoo mixture.

I use two of my 400-unit vitamin E capsules, slashed with a razor blade, and squeezed into an applicator-sized bottle; that means the size your hairdresser uses to apply shampoo. This is 800 units to the botde and on me it works. I expect you’ll not only be surprised with the results but delighted as well.

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