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What’s a Proper Haircut? It’s Your Hair’s Choice!

A proper haircut is the one that suits you. It’s the haircut of your hair’s choice. I am very anti the idea of trying to force your hair into a style that it just won’t wear. I still don’t understand why, in this age of do-your-own-thing living, people usually are unhappy with whatever kind of hair they happen to have.

I have never, for example, met a curly-haired person who liked his/her hair. Yet curly hair can be one of the very easiest kinds to deal with if properly cut by someone who understands it. It can be the wash-and-shake out kind of thing that every woman ought to be yearning for (more on that in a moment) no matter what her age.

And yet the curly-hairs go on complaining, and occasionally resorting to the damaging habit of straightening those curls. I think it’s not only damaging, but absurd as well, to try to force your hair into any image but its own.

And the straight-hairs that’s me do just the opposite. They perm and set and tease and do all the things that are so injurious to the health of those straight hairs that can be the shiniest things in town.

For straight hair, if left alone, can light up a room with its highlights something the curly-hairs have to make up for with other advantages. But if you torment it into some unnatural shape, you’re going to have no highlights, and possibly very little long straight hair.

I will soon show you the dangerous chic of some straight hairdos namely, the ponytail and chignon. But perming, straightening, teasing, spraying, setting, and all the rest of the unnatural routines that used to be so routine to us all, are so injurious to your hair that I would find a way to avoid them. In fact, I have.

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