Sitting On Exercise Ball While Pregnant

Why each of these steps is crucial

Keep going over each of these eight steps so that you understand their purpose while becoming more familiar with their sequence. For a better understanding of the reasoning behind each of the steps, read on.

Step 1. The mind cannot deeply relax if the body is not relaxed. It is better to go to the bathroom and permit your body to enjoy full comfort. Also, when you first awake, you may not be fully awake. Going to the bathroom ensures your being fully awake. But in case you are still not awake enough to stay awake, set your alarm clock to ring in about 15 minutes so you do not risk being late on your daily schedule.

Step 2. Research has shown that when a person turns the eyes up about 20 degrees, it triggers more alpha rhythm in the brain and also causes more right brain activity. Later, you will do your mental picturing with your eyes turned upward at this angle. Meanwhile, it is a simple way to encourage alpha. You might want to think of the way you look up at the screen in a movie theater a comfortable upward angle.

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Step 3. Counting backward is relaxing. Counting forward is activating. Saying “1, 2, 3” is like saying, “Ready, set, go!” But saying “3, 2, 1” is pacifying; you are going nowhere except deeper within yourself.

Step 4. Imagining yourself the way you want to be – while relaxed – creates the ideal picture. People who relax and imagine themselves making mistakes and losing frequently create a mental picture that brings about failure. You will do the opposite. Your mental picture is one of success, and it will create what you desire: success.

Step 5. Words repeated mentally – while relaxed – result in the feelings they are talking about. Pictures and words program the mind to actually create the state of being they represent.

Steps 6, 7 and 8. These last three steps simply consist of counting to 5 to end your session.

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