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The Presence of Slip or Board Lasting

During the construction of running shoes, the nylon material that constitutes the shoe upperthe part that covers the top of the footis stitched together, and its lower part is glued onto the top of the midsole.

If this part of the upper is stuck directly to the midsole and no additional material overlies it, the shoe is said to be slip lasted. If a brown-colored board overlies and hides the tucked-under portion of the upper, the shoe is said to be board lasted (see Exercises 6.1).

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Board lasting increases the ability of the shoe to resist pronation. The board may extend from heel to toe, in which case the board lasting is conventional, or the board may end just behind the ball of the foot, in which case it is called partial or combination lasting. The benefit of partial board lasting is that it does not reduce flexibility in the forefoot yet retains some ability to resist ankle pronation. Exercises 6.3 demonstrates a technique for testing a shoe’s pronation-resisting qualities.

In general, board-lasted shoes will benefit those runners who require shoes that control excessive ankle pronation, whereas slip-lasted shoes are best for those with rigid feet that require as much movement as possible.

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