Side effects of quick weight loss

Side Effects

Did I get anything on the side? Any unexpected, possibly unpleasant effects from this unorthodox method of weight loss? I did. And I think you ought to know what to expect, although there is nothing in medical knowledge that assures that what happened to me will happen to you.

Remember what I said about individualistic?

Whenever you play with your blood chemistry which is one of the things this sort of unnatural eating does you are playing with something nobody knows much about. Yes, they are making inroads. Yes, they are coming close. But I don’t believe that any doctor can claim to have the definitive answer to individual blood chemistry.

My side effects were minor. They had to be, or I can assure you I wouldn’t have remained an Atkins patient for three years. In fact, eating the Atkins way became such second nature to me that, when the time came to graduate, I found I’d so brainwashed myself that I got a good case of the guilts whenever I downed a carbohydrate. But I’ Ve told you I’m that sort of person. Once committed to something, I rarely stray. And once committed to this diet, you’d better not stray.


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