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Cold Weather Shrinkage

If on a cold winter’s day you should find your hair lying down and looking limp don’t worry! That’s natural. Nothing can flatten out a head of gorgeous hair faster than a cold snap and a little static electricity. Short stylish haircuts for men 2015 Your hair is just like the rest of you: It shrinks (yes, it does!) in cold weather. Just like your hands and your feet. (And that same cold is not noted for making your skin look its best either. That’s the reason for protection, protection, and more protection.)

Not only does that hair look flatter and lanker in super-cold, the truth is that you have less. Short stylish haircuts for men 2015 For people, unlike animals, who obviously know a lot that we humans don’t, tend to have less hair in the winter than in the spring.

Dr. Norman Orentreich, the New York dermatologist, has done research and more research on the growth habits of hair. He has found that May is the month when you’ll have the most hairs on your head (about 140,000 if you’re blonde; 108,000 if brunette; and redheads get about 90,000).

All during the summer, you’ll have Godiva locks, for summer heat and humidity make the hair swell, so that you not only have more hair on your head, but it will look double that.

One answer to the cold shrinkage subject is to keep a humidifier in your bedroom. Short stylish haircuts for men 2015 At least that’s the answer I got from one shinyhaired beauty who managed to look like May on the coldest day in January. She swears that without it her hair looks like a rag mop. Not a look we hope for here!

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