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The Egg It Goes Inside

I learned about eggs, and what they can do for hair and what can happen to that same hair without them in a sadder-but-wiser-making experience I had when I was in college. I lived in a dormitory, of course, and the food was horrible. Horrible is really too nice a word for it. It was practically inedible.

Short spiky hairstyles for men 2015 The breakfasts particularly, when the eggs arrived looking slightly green, making me slightly green as well.

Now, as a well-fed Southern girl, I’d been brought up on a life of big breakfasts some kind of a holdover from the English way of life, I suppose, for Southerners have always gone heavy on the breakfast bit.

And that’s as it should be. Nutritionists will quickly tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of any day, doing exactly what its name implies: Short spiky hairstyles for men 2015 breaking the fast you’ve been on for the past eight hours or however many hours you’ve chosen to spend in bed the night before.

If you’re ever going to skip a meal, which is something I never recommend, then for your health’s sake don’t ever skip breakfast.

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