Short spiky haircuts for men 2015

Dangerous Chic

On the subject of hair styles, I feel I’d be treating you unfairly if I didn’t give passing (that’s all this style deserves) mention to one that is literally dangerousI That is the ponytail, or, for that matter, any sleeked-and-secured back hairdo you can think of.

Sure it looks chic, but how chic will you feel when you realize you’re going bald? This kind of hair-wearing is one of the primary causes of female baldness (and there’s more of that than you dream of; and we don’t want it to happen to you). Short spiky haircuts for men 2015 I have heard that one of the world’s most famous ballerinas has a part in her hair that’s almost one inch wide from all that sleeking down. Now ballerinas have to keep their hair out of the dance, but you don’t. So don’t pull.

A co-worker of mine wears her beautiful, thick, long hair hanging down her back in a heavy braid. I have watched, helplessly, as her hairline receded to bald at one point. I have warned her. So have her other friends. Short spiky haircuts for men 2015 But she’s either oblivious to all warnings including her mirror’s or she finds her hair style easy. It won’t be so easy when she finds herself in a hairpiece.

Should you ever, even for one evening (and not for any longer) try the sleeked-back look, for heaven’s sake, don’t use a rubber band. Short spiky haircuts for men 2015 It’s a sure way to break off your hair. We won’t worry about rubber bands.

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