Short shag haircuts 2015

Occasionally, bravely, I agree to hike up a jeans leg Short shag haircuts 2015 and let people have a look. They make disgusted faces. They think, without exception, that I look like a man from the waist down. I wear a size 8, and my legs are quite definitely female-shaped. Yet all it takes is a few strands of hair to transform them into unequivocally masculine appendages.

But no one hates my hairy Short shag haircuts 2015 legs as much as I myself do. I do not feel liberated from the shackles of shaving. In fact, I miss the ritual of it. I see nothing beautiful in my untended state, and the longer I leave it, the worse it gets psychologically. I become constantly aware of the growth beneath my jeans. It starts to feel malignant, threatening. I can’t do a full month three-and-a-half weeks into my experiment, I shave. I am elated afterward. I rub my hands up and down my smooth shins blissfully.

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