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The path to Shiny Happy Hair is certainly not paved with fad diets it’s about achieving a balance and making sure you eat regularly so that you body gets a good intake of nutrients. Replace chocolatey snacks and crisps eaten between meals with some delicious fresh fruit and your hair will thank you for it.

Shiny Happy Hair needs up to eight glasses of water per day Water is totally and utterly the fountain of life and Shiny Happy Hair needs up to eight glasses per day. Water cleanses the system, hydrates the body and provides fantastic moisturizing qualities for your hair.

So far so good?There’s more salads, fruits and vegetables and plenty of water will not give you all the nutrients your hair needs. As mentioned before, hair is a protein so eating protein is vital. Add eggs, fish, chicken and occasional lean red meats to your diet and you’ll soon see the Shiny Happy hair effect!

Of course, everyone’s metabolism varies and some people will notice the difference more quickly than others. Patience is a virtue and it may take time to see those results but believe me, you will! I always think improving the diet should be the first step but I know that there are also plenty of vitamin and mineral supplements and some of them can be very effective. Talk to your pharmacist or health food specialist to see if they are right for you.

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