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Investing more time in her family life was a practical decision, but becoming a mom is more than just a lifestyle change, she says. It totally consumes you. I live and breathe for my babies and it is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. I no longer live for myself, without purpose; I am now responsible for the happiness and wellbeing of two beautiful souls. They bring me endless joy, and watching them grow fascinates me. The best part about being a mom is feeling in love 24/7.’ It’s no wonder then Lee-Ann’s favourite time of the year is the I live and breathe for my babies, and it is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. festive season, when she gets to savour special moments with her husband and the girls, her parents and her in-laws. Growing up, we made the annual 14-hour trek to Cape Town’s northern suburbs to spend the holidays with my grandparents. My late grandmother, Marina, taught me to love Christmas as much as I do because she created the most magical, festive atmosphere in her home. I miss her dearly, especially over Christmas. I try to replicate my special childhood Christmas memories for my children. I literally forced Nicky to dress up as Santa to surprise Gia when she was three – she believed that he was the real deal. It was absolutely magical to watch her interact with him. She was completely mesmerised.

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