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If they did, why doesn’t anyone know about them? What if these guitars are special not because seasoned craftsmen built them, but because craftswomen built them?

‘Finally, 1 convinced a Gibson executive to let me see and photograph what had to that point been mythological shipping ledgers documenting every musical instrument that Gibson had ever made. I photographed all of the entries from 1936 through about 1947, a total of 4,400 hand written pages. Gibson shipped nearly 25,000 instruments during the war, including over 9,000 of what I call ‘Banner’ flattop guitars because they sport a small, silk-screened banner on their headstocks proclaiming, ‘Only a Gibson is Good Enough.”

Initially John had ‘simply wanted to solve the mystery of these guitars? Did they exist? Who made them? Why hasn’t the world known of them or their makers?’ But his first encounter with the Gals ‘the beginning of what was to become a five-year journey’ made him ‘think of the project in a more profound light.’

‘From meeting my first Kalamazoo Gal, Short hairstyles jennifer hudson to having my 1943 Gibson re-inspected by its original inspector, to the tearful goodbyes after only a three-day stay, it was a visit filled with moving moments. On my return flight home as I replayed in my mind’s eye what I already knew were life-changing experiences 1 began to think that I’d uncovered a significant moment in American history. As I gazed out the aeroplane window to watch Middle America pass underneath me, 1 resolved to return to re-interview the Gals in the presence of a videographer and to do everything possible to tell their story well.’

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