Short hairdos for older women

Protein is essential for strong healthy hair so vegetarians should be aware that they need to find protein in other ways.

has a personality own! I hear you cry. If I’ve heard that once I’ve heard it a thousand snips. Well, let’s make a little more sense of that. Hair is best described as falling into one of three categories and once you know which you have it certainly makes it a lot easier to understand its erratic behaviour and make it do as it is told!

It is important to remember that your natural hair texture can change and is affected by all sorts of things including the weather, your health, pregnancy and how many children you have. And of course, let’s not forget the ageing process which (sorry to alarm you) actually starts in our early thirties.

Throw in other factors such as whether you colour your hair, use heated tools, spend lots of time in the sun or go out when the air is humid and you shouldn’t be surprised when your beautifully blow dried straight locks turn into poodle frizz bad hair day! Hormones change hair growth and texture and as your hormones are all over the place during and after pregnancy this has a huge effect on hair.

It’s all down to the individual and what affects one woman’s hair may not affect another’s.The same goes for grey hair. Some women end up with a coarse yard brush, while others can have silver hair that’s silky, soft and smooth.Thyroid problems can cause hair loss and a complete change in hair texture. So yes, hair really does have a mind, a will, and a way all of its own!

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