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In 2008 she was once again looking for investors, trying to secure loans, and getting warning messages from her business manager that things were looking grim financially, even though her product already was on the shelves at Barneys.

Enter Margarita Arriagada, the chief merchant at Sephora. Maran knew Sephora was a savvy move the mall retailer is known as a holy grail of beauty shopping, with its dizzying array of powders, lipsticks, potions and lotions so she called Arriagada. She totally helped us up, Maran says. She bought way more inventory than she needed for our cash flow and put the argan oil in prime spots in-store.

The line launched at Sephora with the argan oil and a few ancillary products, according to Sephora merchant Christine Lewis. It appealed to the Sephora customer,

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