Short haircuts for fat faces women

So what have I learned from this experience? That the desire to be hairless is so deeply entrenched in me, going “natural” actually feels completely unnatural.

That I care desperately about what other people think of my physical appearance. That I am destined to depilate until I die.

And yet, can depilation become any more physically fascist than it currently is?

There’s so little acceptable body hair left on women already. Where else or what else can we pluck, shave, or wax? In theory, nowhere, nothing. (Not unless we see a revival of the old Hollywood practice of artificially raising a woman’s Short haircuts for fat faces women hairline. Which isn’t entirely beyond the realms of possibility.)

But actually, I know there will be more to come. New stuff. Hairy areas we don’t even know we possess yet will come under scrutiny and be judged unacceptable before this year is through. More complex removal methods will evolve. It will all hurt more, too. And cost more. And, of course, I already know that I’ll willingly comply.

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