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If you are a man, then you must have enough existing healthy hair to donate for the transplant.

Hair transplant surgery is expensive and is not a one-time deal. Over time, you will still need additional surgeries to completely cover your head with hair. If you cannot afford future surgical procedures, then you might want to reconsider.

If you find yourself eligible and could afford the hair transplant surgery, then go for it. However, be mindful of the hair restoration techniques that your doctor will utilize. Don’t opt for outdated procedures that could do more harm than good like:

1. Linear grafts – While removing a single strip of donor hair is normal, transplanting the entire strip to the balding spot is not. Dividing the strip into tiny sections to harvest the follicles should be done to avoid a hideous unnatural looking hair line.

2. Hair flap – The hair flap technique involves removing a flap of scalp from the side of the head and just transplanting it back with an unsightly knot. Apart from the ugly result, this could also cause severe infection and loosened forehead skin.

3. Scalp reduction – Because pattern-baldness recedes the hairline, some old-school doctors might recommend scalp reduction. Scalp-reductions are not only dangerous, but disfiguring too. It involves removing a large part of the scalp and sewing the remaining part back on.

When considering hair transplant surgery, do a lot of research beforehand. Having a full head of hair can make a big difference not just in your appearance, but in your mental disposition. You’ll be more confident, happy, and complete. But if the entire procedure goes wrong, you’ll feel even more depressed than usual.


Healthy diet changes are essential in combating different kinds of diseases and illness, and hair loss is no exception.

The vitality and health of your hair depends on what you eat and if you are getting enough nutrients. Nutritional supplements, fresh fruits and vegetables may not completely stop hair loss, but they could slow it down.

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