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One of the things that really does captivate you about Brett’s music is his song-writing, Short hair but again this took a while to click into place for him too.

As a songwriter, I was going to college, I would go to class every day about 40 minutes from Nashville, Short hair and I would drive to Nashville every day and write a song with anyone who would write a song with me. I don’t care – I just want to write songs and I don’t really know how to do it yet, but I’m going to figure it out… You’re going to write 300 before you get 12 great ones, and I learned I had to be patient and I had to stick to learning off the people out there who inspire me, and help me bring out my creativity and we ended up writing some special songs. It took a little while to really lock into that, but once I did it really helped me as a vocalist too. To sing these songs that I experienced and that I lived. I think as a singer songwriter, there’s nothing more important than singing a song of something that really happened to you – then it’s way more believable and much more real to you.” was forgetting who I was and my family and the fact that I was so close to her and I was heartbroken from it, or go tell a story about it. That was when I figured out that if you tell the truth, and you really let that inspiration of life come into a song and it’s that real it has no better way to come across… For Raymond it did just that for me. I felt it was important to put out and it wasn’t a number one song, but it was a song that really got me established and got me to meet a lot of people in the industry and earned me respect and I was very fortunate for that. I wouldn’t change it for the world putting that song out. It put the foundations to get me to where I am now.’

BRING YOU BACK has been available since August 2013, but it has bought Brett unprecedented success. His second single from the album, titled Don’t Ya, a fun-loving song about those first moments of attraction singing don’t lie, you’ve got it all figured out That smile has got me spinnin’ around…’ His lyrical prowess is also explored in his third single from the album Beat Of The Music, again another love song, about falling for someone in Mexico and not wanting to have to leave. BRING YOU BACK has definitely gained this artist quite considerable recognition as a songwriter who can deliver really fantastic songs consistently, but also an artist who can deliver this level of quality and variety of song with his debut album is someone to watch out for. And just when we thought BRING YOU BACK had wielded enough successful singles for Brett he’s recently released Mean To Me a track that really delivers on the same level as Raymond. Though another love song, Mean To Me is a stunning interpretation of a deep love, singing ‘If I could be the reason your hair’s a mess The bass drum beatin way down deep in your chest If I could be the voice on your radio Then I could be your long ride home’. So with a fourth single released from BRING YOU BACK is there new music on the horizon?

Raymond was Brett’s debut and a song that meant a lot to him, but it also served as a foundation for everything he has released since. The song paired with a stirring music video, was released in 2010 as the first single from his debut album BRING YOU BACK. The song, written with Brad Crisler, was hailed as a rare display of real talent and for a debut was an incredible way to break onto the scene.

That song was very important to me. I wrote it about my grandmother, and it was really the first song, Short hair when it comes to song-writing, that I really connected with. I was forced to either hold it in, the fact that my grandmother

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