Short cuts for natural curly hair

SOMETHING YOU’D LIKE TO TRY I’d love to try my hand at being a television newsreader. DREAM ROLE It’s probably every local actress’ dream to play Winnie Madikizela Mandela. I think I’d be more suited playing a young Winnie. She’s an icon and I admire her strength and courage. UGLY AND LIVE FOREVER OR ATTRACTIVE AND DIE IN A YEAR? Ugly and live forever. Forever means I’d have ample time to acquire money to Yours Hair is fix Yours Hair is or work on the parts of me I didn’t find attractive. FEEL GOOD SONG Just about every Beyonce and Destiny’s Child song makes me feel like I can take over the world. TRUE LOVE OR WIN THE LOTTERY? With the lottery, I could buy fake true love, but there’s something about true love that gives you courage to feel like there’s nothing you can’t achieve, including making lottery-type money. I’d pick true love. B Top and skirt Stylist’s Neckpiece Ntozinhle Accessorize Shoes LEGiTxBOiTY


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