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ORS Nourishing Sheen Spray Janelle Monae has completely nailed the afro-futuristic trend. Get the look ,,^lby first relaxing hair, then plait it ?/*using yaki bulk extensions. Finish off the look with a glossing spray. RECEDING HAIRLINE This is caused by pulling at the hair too tightly. Avoid this by massaging the edges with potent oils. Short bob pixie haircuts Stop a vanishing in its tracks with these products: ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm, R144. Hair For You Hairline Repairer and Growth Tonic R120. Dr Miracle’s Temple & Nape Gro Balm R94,95 ITCHY SCALP AND DANDRUFF Dandruff and dry scalp flakes can be embarrassing. Some is caused by a dehydrated scalp or skin deficiencies. Short bob pixie haircuts There are many theories, but no real answers as to why dandruff occurs. The constant shedding of skin could be the leading cause. Try these treatments: Head & Shoulders Shampoo, R64,99, is a mild shampoo that’s suitable for daily washing. Eucerin Dermo Capilire Leave Treatment, R100, adds moisture to scalp to prevent itchiness and irritation. SLOW GROWTH A big problem black women face with regard to their hair is that it stops growing, or up to a certain length. Short bob pixie haircuts The mistake most make is hanging on to long hair, which is weak, and not trimming the ends. Snipping away hair ends every three months triggers growth as the follicle is tricked into believing that hair has not reached its optimum length yet. Also, deep condition as often as possible. Try: Hair For You Conditioner R180. Nioxin Diaboost R748.

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