SHIRLEY MACLAINE HAIRSTYLES on g., Are you 24 years old?). In criminal investigations, it has been increasingly replaced by the control question TEST. See also GuiLTY KNOWLEDGE TEST. reliability n. the trustworthiness or consistency of a measure; that is, the degree to which a test or other measurement instrument is free of RANDOM ERROR, yielding the same results across multiple applications to the same sample. See ALTERNATE-FORMS RELIABILITY; INTERNAL cONSISTENcY; RELIABILITY cOEFFiciENT; RETEST RELIABILITY. SHIRLEY MACLAINE HAIRSTYLES 2016.

Eyes fixed on the door, I let my mind wander back to the previous night, to the last minutes of the party I had been at, to one of the most surprising things that had ever happened to me: I had been told to kneel, and I was kneeling. The Captain had placed me right in the doorway between the room where all the heavy action was going on and the huge, arbor-covered deck where people went when they wanted to do something quieter, like fucking a boy’s face or butt. My knees were inches from the threshold, my down-turned eyes just barely able to see the boots of the men who squeezed past me onto the deck behind or into the room in front of me. After several minutes, the Captain came back. He was with someone else, someone in black engineer boots and leather pants, or maybe they were chaps, but I did not recall seeing anyone in chaps at the party so far. I continued to look down and kept my hands crossed behind my ass. I suddenly noticed that my bare feet were turned the wrong way, toes-out.

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