Iridescent or metallic eye make-up is a brilliant complement to today’s dewy or light-reflecting foundations.

1 Prepare eyelids with foundation and powder.

2 Take a warm-toned, chocolate-brown eye pencil and draw a line as close to your upper lashes as possible. Smudge this in well with an eyeshadow brush or the rubber-hoofed tip ofthe pencil.

3 Apply a cream shadow in a different colour (burgundy, forest green and gold all work well for this look). Apply it around the entire eye area, without covering the darkest part ofthe brown eyeliner(atthe lash line). Blend outwards using a clean eyeshadow brush.

4 Next take a shim mery ivory powder shadow or high lighter and brush it above the coloured eye area, sweeping right up to the brow bone.

5 Lastly, apply your mascara. A coloured wand can be very effective here, as long as it is a similartone to the coloured shadow.


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