Shaved hairstyles for boys

Razor technology beingwhat it is, you probably think you never have to leave the house for a shave. Well, you’re wrong. “Ten years ago, we stopped shaving people altogether,” says Adrian Wood, master barber and owner of Paul Mole. “Now we do as many shaves as we want. Young people have decided it’s a small luxury. Coming to the barbershop is a fun, manly thing to do, and it doesn’t cost very much.”

And barbers like Carmine Nappi help keep the tradition alive. Two rounds of hot towels, emollient cream, warm shaving soap and a brand-new disposable open razor blade ensure the most comfortable shave you’ve ever had. Wood claims that a clean sweep is the way to gothe goatee is “dead and gone”but Nappi gets plenty of requests for stubble artistry. Gerry Rivera at Chelsea Barbers does, too. “Keeping beard shadow is very popular right now,” he says. “So are drawn linesa beard marked by very thin sideburns.” Individuality is key, but grooming is essential. When people stare at those stray hairs creeping over your lip, it’s not because they want toit’s because they can’t help it.

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