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We remember someone by the style, the cut, the colour

or the quality of their hair and describe people through their hair. In courtship we often have fixed stereotypical ideas of what we prefer, whether blonde, brunette or redhead, long and lustrous or cute and cropped.Throughout history hair has been the subject of poetry, literature and art and when you start looking you will see erotic references everywhere, from Degas’ painting of a young woman washing her hair to Botticelli’s Birth of Venus.

Kissing her hair I sat against her feet, Wove and unwove it, wound and found it sweet; Made fast therewith her hands, drew down her eyes, Deep as deep flowers and dreamy like dim skies; With her own tresses bound and found her fair. Kissing her hair. (from ‘Rondel’ by Algernon Charles Swinburne) Silken threads of charcoal black, Shimmering iridescent plumage, Let them swallow me up, Entangle and entwine, Ensnare my restless feet And tether me like a hawk’s jesses, Let me drown in her tresses.

When someone attractive to you enters your space the first thing you do is touch your hair and cock your head to one side in a natural instinct that is in itself submissive. Checking your hair is okay and flaunting it at the same time is very appealing. It’s a sexual encounter and one that is repeated many times over throughout a relatively average day. We flaunt and caress our hair; we use it to tease and to provoke attention.

Our hair is really the only part of our body that we can acceptably touch in a provocative way (in public, anyway). Flipping, lifting, shaking, twirling and twisting one’s hair are all forms of sexual seduction. Caressing your hair also releases pheromones into the air so that your very own scent is released. It’s as personal as that; just like the fragrance that you wear from a bottle, your hair sends messages to all those around you. Clean, beautiful, fresh and sweetsmelling hair can certainly make you feel confident and ready for action!

In some societies these very subconscious codes are recognised for their sexual allure and therefore are banned. In many cultures and religions women are required to cover their hair and in times gone by shaving the head was the ultimate punishment for an adulterous woman.

If hair itself can’t be trusted as a weapon of mass seduction then the colour of your hair has a sexual language all of its own. Redheads are labelled as fiery and wanton, brunettes are known for their forceful, sassy and dominant natures and the stereotypical blonde sex kittens that we see so often on screen, only perpetuate the myth that blondes are passive and submissive.

From Rapunzel to Lady Godiva, long flowing hair has sent a powerful sexual message.

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