Shag hairstyles for thin hair


One length or very long layers tend to suit this hair personality. People often think layers will give volume but often they do the reverse making the hair sit flatter and closer to the head. When you add layers you are basically removing hair and this therefore makes the hair skinny! Chances are if you have fine hair the last thing you want to do is put it on a diet!


Oh, you were blessed; pretty much anything goes for you. But obviously it depends on your face shape too, which we’ll talk about later in the chapter. Layering can be brilliant to give you va va voom hair but longer layers are usually easier to handle than shorter ones.


Curly hair can have a wonderful zany personality all of its own and can come in fine, medium or thick personalities. With this in mind I often cut curly hair dry rather than stretching it straight when it is wet. This is so I can see exactly what the curl wants to do all you curly girls out there will understand what I mean.


You’d think that layers would be the way to slim your hair down and give you a smaller silhouette and they can be. But they need to be cut randomly and very softly to avoid giving you even bigger hair. Sometimes cutting hair away from the underneath and leaving it longer on top can remove volume from the hair.

A fringe can hide a multitude of sins; it can be provocative, very sexy, and an instant way of bringing an old style bang (excuse the pun) up to date. But get it wrong and you won’t want to answer the door, not even for Interflora.

Fringes come in all shapes and sizes, from short and sweet like Joan of Arc to long and side swept like Brigitte Bardot, and any true rock chic wouldn’t be seen without a too cool for school eyelash tickler. There is a fringe for everyone and good salons will offer free fringe trims between cuts. If you are^ tempted to snip away yourself, go ahead but never do it when your hair is wet and only snip a little at a time.

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