Shag hairstyles for 2015

Your hair and skin should never be the same colour; if you have sallow skin avoid yellow tones and if you have pinkish skin avoid warm blonde tones. A good colourist can spot this pitfall with just an inch of regrowth but if you are using a home colour kit you’re on your own.

insisting on more, more, more! Less is often more in my opinion my favourite blondes look gently sun kissed.
If you decide to go an all over blonde, think about whether you want to go for matching brows for a softer effect or whether you want to keep your brows dark for a more dramatic effect.

Blonde hair can certainly take a battering from day to day wear and tear, pollution and chlorine swimming is a no go for many blondes for fear of khaki hues.

Blonding looks most natural and more realistic when there are several tones through the hair rather than just one solid blonde colour.

Blonderexia’ (as we call it in the salon) is when a woman just doesn’t know where to stop, Protection and TLC are the secret weapons in keeping your blonde hair looking good. Commit to weekly conditioning masks where the hair is pampered and nourished. Blonde hair does not reflect shine as easily as darker hair so a quality haircare regime is essential.

We all know there’s nothing bland about being brown. Brunettes positively glow with shine and catch the light beautifully, resulting in a kaleidoscope effect of many tones. I often use foods to describe colour to clients w hen Fm creating a new look for them: milk or dark chocolate, frothy coffee, damson, plum, blackberry, shiraz, chestnut and all the colours of autumn are wonderful w avs of describing colour. Forget the numbers, my colourists never talk numbers just gorgeous edibles!

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