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Smoke Shows in Your Eyes

It s a delicate subject to broach, but then I’ve never been one to worry about being delicate especially when health is at stake. So I might as well come right out and say it: Don’t let your eyes go to pot. Literally.

Some time ago I was afflicted with an ugly and painful, albeit relatively common and minor, eye inflammation brought about by doing what I’ve been preaching against too much work with too little rest. Its name is episcleritis and it simply makes the eye that’s got it bright red. Sort of a one-eyed Dracula effect. I rushed off to my eye doctor, as I always do when such things strike and, as this doctor examined my eye and confirmed my already-guessed diagnosis, he said, rather tentatively, “Dear, may I ask you a personal question?” Wondering what on earth anything that personal might have to do with my eyes, I quickly answered in the affirmative. The question was “Do you smoke pot?” I couldn’t help laughing with relief. The answer is I don’t. Not because I so whole-heartedly disapprove of the idea. (I just disapprove of the unsureness of the whole bit at this point. I mean, does anyone really know or can anyone really prove what it might do to you later?) But I don’t even smoke at all.

My doctor, who couldn’t be a more dignified man, hastened to explain that his practice had changed with the times to such an extent that it was imperative he ask this question. It seems that marijuana is a sure way to make your eyes bloodshot and for as long as you’re smoking. Something about the way it dries up the mucous membranes. Now I’m not here to moralize, believe me. But if it’s sparkling eyes you’re after, better forget this sort of smoking. Better forget any sort, if it’s true beauty you want p.s.

I have not mentioned vitamin A because everybody knows how vitally important it is to good eyesight and happy, healthy eyes. Take it!

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