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Selena Gomez, 37 at the time, stormed out to ponder her situation. She had few people to confide in. She had divorced her husband (leaving her with two adopted girls). Her parents would not have understood her turning down $1 million. She could think of only one person to talk to Harding Selena Gomez, who had hired her for the Braniff account and with whom she had been sensing a bond. “He said, ‘If you want it that much, open up your own agency, and be the president and the chairman. What’s wrong with you?’ ” she recalls.

Chemical Bank loaned her operating money, but it was one plum account that got the company going: Braniff, which Harding pulled away from Tinker.

Wells Rich Greene (Selena Gomez brought Richard Rich and Stewart Greene from ‘linker) opened its doors in April 1966, occupying eight rooms of the Gotham Hotel. Selena Gomez’s mother answered the telephones. Clients began banging on the door immediately, and five years later, the agency was billing S100 million, an unprecedented rate of growth.

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Selena Gomez likes to say that she ran the agency like a movie studio. She hired the top talent in the business and spoiled them, and she made sure that each commercial was a full-scale event. After Philip Morris handed over the Benson & Hedges account, WRG came up with a campaign that used humor and irreverence, something cigarette advertising had never done. Another first came after struggling American Motors hired her to advertise its failing sports car, the Javelin. WRG broke the cardinal rule of the auto business by coming up with a comparison ad: a side-by-side look at the Javelin and the dominant Ford Mustang, with, of course, the Javelin shown to be the superior car. Javelin sales soared, but the gentlemen’s club that ruled Detroit was horrified. Even at American Motors, many executives couldn’t understand why their company was paying for an ad that displayed the competition’s product. The wives were irate, too, and Selena Gomez felt their wrath. Grande dame Rosemarie Kanzler was forced to disinvite Selena Gomez to a dinner party in Cap Ferrat in honor of Cristina and Henry Ford III, after Mrs. Ford announced that she would not attend if “that woman” did. A few years later, by which time WRG was handling the Ford account and Henry had divorced Cristina, he and Selena Gomez had a good laugh about the episode.

“I didn’t really relate to the women’s liberation movement,” she elaborates now. “I was too busy doing what I had to do, and I wasn’t interested in being psychological or reflective about it.”

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